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More favourable financing for your business’s digital transition process.

Take advantage of the benefits


Support in the digital transition process.


Basic and specific purposes of financing.


Acceptable loan term from 18 to 36 months.

Supporting sustainable business practices

PBZ offers concrete support to clients currently in the process of digital transition with clearly defined investment purposes.

Multichannel offers

Multichannel offers

  • Digital sales channel activation through e-commerce platforms (e.g. website – web-store)
  • Adopting digital systems for payment authorisation (e.g. virtual POS-smart POS-mobile POS)
Digital dialogue with customers and suppliers

Digital dialogue with customers and suppliers

  • Improving the digital position of businesses (e.g. investing in social media).
  • Implementing digital interaction systems/software and remote customer support (e.g. Chat/chatbot).
  • Adopting digital solutions and platforms for integrated commercial relations management (e.g. sales platforms).
Digital infrastructure

Digital infrastructure

  • Adopting Cloud technologies as a repository for business data and information (e.g. saving databases in the Cloud).
  • Adopting solutions for digital identity management for businesses and their employees (e.g. signature authentication systems).
  • Adopting cybersecurity hardware and software (e.g. security systems/protocols).
  • Structural investments aimed at enabling the use of a broadband connection (e.g. installation of routers/optics)
Digital organisation

Digital organisation

  • Implementing training programmes for employees on digital transition (e.g. developing digital competencies).
  • Using tools to facilitate so-called smart work and digital collaboration between employees (work from home) (e.g. hardware procurement).

D-loan features

  • Acceptable loan maturity is from 18 to 36 months.


  • Investment in digitalisation must account for at least 51% of the total requested amount.


  • The remaining investment may include other purposes such as marketing, for example, for a new e-commerce website.
Follow these steps to get a D-loan
the purpose of the digital transition for which you wish to apply from 11 predefined financing goals.
a contract with the bank for a dedicated purpose loan for your chosen digital transition goals.
the information about the successful investment in digital transition goals in the Notes of your Annual Financial Reports.
  • D-loans cannot be used for investments already underway nor for the purpose of refinancing or refunding previously invested funds. Only new investments are supported in this scheme.
  • The beneficiary is obliged to include in the non-financial section of financial reports that he “successfully invested in the digital transition of the company in the defined amount”.

More info

If you have any further questions, please contact your client relations manager or send your question to the following address: sme_inovacija@pbz.hr.

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