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I need to increase company liquidity

Improve your business, expand the capacities, or open new markets.

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Saving time

The process for getting a loan takes only a few hours

Fast Internet contracting

A loan in three clicks

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Without additional insurance instruments and unnecessary documentation

Business account overdraft

Business account overdraft

  • designed for easier liquidity management and occasional and short-term use during the month
  • the interest rate is only charged on the used portion of the overdraft and is collected at the end of the current month
  • permanent stay in a permitted overdraft reduces the chances for the next renewal of the overdraft
  • in the event of a continuing need for funds, we recommend the use of more cost-effective loan products such as PBZ loans for working capital or PBZ investment loans
Working capital

Working capital

EBRD loans for financing exports

Are you an exporter? Do you need a loan that to support and enhance exports?

We have loans for you with a maturity of 3 months to 3 years:

  • for pre-shipment finance
  • for post-shipment finance - until payment
  • other financing of working capital necessary for the realisation of concluded export contracts


  • the interest rate is dependent on the maturity
  • export business needs to be supported by contracts with customers from abroad, order forms, preliminary contract, etc.
  • loan approval with a currency clause in EUR

Method of use:

  • in tranches, not less than 100,000.00 EUR.
  • the maximum loan amount is EUR 20,000,000.00
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