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Guarantees and letters of credit

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Secure yourself in the domestic and foreign markets

Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. allows you to protect yourself from not collecting jobs in the domestic and foreign markets.



Your local and foreign partners appreciate and are often looking for a guarantee from your bank - Privredna banka Zagreb.

We can offer guarantees of different types and periods of validity relating to business at home and abroad:

  • performance guarantees - serving as security instruments for the completion of contractual obligations (for participating in tenders, for advance payment return, for temporary import, for the good and timely performance of works, for quality within the warranty period and all other uses to guarantee the fulfilment of certain actions)
  • payment guarantees - serving as security instruments for payment for goods and financial loans
  • customs guarantees
  • counter guarantees in favour of foreign banks
  • other (according to your needs)

For authorising the issuance of a guarantee, in addition to the application, it is necessary to submit all the relevant documents:

  • work contract, publication of the public tender, etc.
  • in addition to these documents, the application must also include all your status and financial documents
Guarantees received from abroad

Guarantees received from abroad

If you wish to secure the collection of claims from abroad or the proper performance of services of any kind through your business partner's commercial bank guarantees issued in your favour, PBZ can offer the following services:

  • forwarding your business partner's bank guarantee received by SWIFT and confirming the authenticity of the guarantee
  • the authentication of a guarantee received directly from your foreign partner's commercial bank
  • providing an expert opinion on the wording of a received guarantee
  • call for payment under the received guarantees
  • issuing guarantees in your favour at the request of your foreign partner's commercial bank
A Documentary Letter of Credit

A Documentary Letter of Credit

A Documentary Letter of Credit is an international payment instrument by means of which the accredited bank, at the request of its client, orders the foreign bank to pay a certain amount of money to the user of the letter of credit (exporter/importer), provided that the documents conditional upon the letter of credit are served within the established period of time (indicating that the contracted quantity and quality of goods has been shipped to the buyer's address).

If you are a buyer/importer, a Documentary Letter of Credit can protect your interests because the payment of an agreed amount of money will only be made if the seller (exporter) presents documents proving that the goods or services of the agreed quality have been delivered/provided in the agreed quantity within the agreed period of time.

You, as a buyer, are assured that a commercial job will be realised according to a contract and that you will get precisely the goods that you ordered (quantity and quality) and within the agreed period of time.

On the other hand, we, Privredna banka Zagreb, warrant that your payment will not be made if the documents do not comply with the terms of the letter of credit.

If you are a seller/exporter, a Documentary Letter of Credit can secure the collection of payment, provided that you deliver goods or provide services and submit to the Bank all the relevant documents in compliance with the terms and conditions of the letter of credit.

Documentary billing

Documentary billing

Documentary billing is a written order from the exporter to the Bank to deliver the presented documents to the importer only upon the fulfilment of certain billing terms (with payment, acceptance bills of exchange or the fulfilment of other agreed conditions). Types of documentary billing, depending on your requirements and needs, may be:

  • documents against Payment (D/P), delivery of documents with payment
  • documents against Acceptance (D/A), delivery of documents with acceptance bills of exchange
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