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Privredna banka Zagreb applies the latest EMV® 3-D Secure authentication standard that enables even more secure online purchases for PBZ Visa Business Classic card users via an online point of sale that is in the 3D Secure 2 system.

The customer, at an online point of sale participating in the 3D Secure 2 program, confirms his purchase using one of the authentication devices (#withKEY, PBZmToken or card reader).

For more information and instructions on how to authenticate your online purchase, see the 3D Authentication Guide at the bottom of this page.

Business cards

With an open EUR account, you can request for a debit and credit business cards:

  • Visa Business Classic debit card for business entities*
  • Visa BusinessGold card
  • Visa Business Platinum card

Fill in the form, attach the required documents and submit them to your nearest PBZ Sinergo desk.

Program for rewarding spending and the orderly payment of bills.

*Note: The current VISA Business Electron debit cards are valid until the last day, month and year printed on the card. 

Visa Business Classic debit card for business entities
Visa Business Classic debit card for business entities
  • The highest safety level on devices supporting chip technology
  • Contactless payment
  • Withdrawing cash from ATMs at home and abroad
  • Cash deposits via PBZ ATMs with a cash-in function
Visa Business Gold
Visa Business Gold
  • Accepted at over 55,000 points of sale in Croatia and in more than 200 countries
  • Withdrawing cash from over 2.7 million ATMs in Croatia and abroad
  • Loans with 3 to 24 instalments for purchasing goods and services
  • Life insurance against the consequences of an accident
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Visa Business Platinum
Visa Business Platinum
  • Accepted at over 54 million points of sale abroad
  • Consumption without a predetermined limit
  • Life insurance against the consequences of an accident
  • Additional security when you are traveling with the Global Assist
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