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Mobile banking

Mobile and SMS banking for entrepreneurs.

Take advantage of the benefits

Faster order entry

Scanning a payout with a 2D bar code print

Simpler insight

A simpler insight into account and product balance 24/7/365

All in one place

Insight into due payment obligations

Mobile banking


Features and functionalities of the mPBZCOM service:

  • Insight into the account balance, transactions and daily reports on transaction accounts ((for the HRK and foreign currency components)
  • forming payments (national payments in HRK)
  • forming orders from templates
  • scanning payment slips with a printed 2D bar code
  • the option to send a PDF certificate for each payment to an e-mail address
  • insight into arrears with payment options
  • the purchasing, selling and conversion of foreign currency at the regular exchange rate
  • reviewing exchange rates
  • access to contact information (contact person, telephone number, e-mail, web)
  • receiving information and notifications


Features and functionalities of the PBZCOM - SMS service:

  • information on the balance and transactions in your business account on your mobile phone screen
  • you will receive a message on your screen without initiating any actions
  • you can also activate PBZCOM-SMS through the PBZCOM@NET service
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