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PBZ Factoring

Factoring jobs on the domestic and international market.

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PBZ Factoring

  • we perform all kinds of factoring jobs on the domestic and international market
  • we provide entrepreneurs with financing, billing and claim management services
Credit to your buyer - Buyer's credit

Credit to your buyer - Buyer's credit

Loans intended for the support and promotion of exports, used by PBZ, as the bank of an exporter, to grant loans to the importer's bank / to the importer insured against commercial and political risks by an insurance policy issued by the HBOR as the Croatian export credit agency, in the favour of PBZ.

Credit is used solely to finance the export of goods and services of Croatian origin.

Export forfaiting

Export forfaiting

Long-term and short-term claims recovery without the right of recourse to the previous creditor.

In this way, and in the shortest possible time, the exporter acquires funds before the actual payment of the achieved export and transfers to PBZ, as a forfaiter, the credit risk, exchange rate risk and all other types of risks in conducting business abroad.

This is the fastest way to finance an exporter through the recovery of transferable payment insurance instruments.

Export Factoring

Export Factoring

Export factoring is financial business involving the recovery of receivables between business entities from Croatia and abroad with the use of a two-factor system through cooperation and communication with Factors Chain International (FCI).

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