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Financial Literacy Initiatives

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Financial literacy


Financial literacy week

In the period from April 24 to 28, 2023, we participated in the Financial Literacy Week at the Faculty of Economics through workshops, a podcast and other interesting content. During the dynamic conference, we were visited by many students who, through a conversation with PBZ representatives, had the opportunity to become better acquainted with the bank's initiatives and innovations in the field of financial literacy, and to learn more about employment opportunities and internships.

In addition to the held workshop for students on the topic of personal finance, we also participated in a podcast on the topic "What every young person needs to know about personal finance?" which you can listen to on the link, and at the same time we presented students with the new web application PBZnalci, through which the financial literacy quiz can be accessed.

Participation in this event is a continuation of numerous activities carried out by the Bank in the field of financial literacy.


PBZnalci – prize quiz for high school students







PBZnalci, an educational and rewarding entertainment quiz, is based on the concept of a pub quiz for high school students, prepared by Privredna banka Zagreb in cooperation with the Šibenik Quiz Association and held online on March 22. The quiz was prepared with the aim of supporting young people in improving their knowledge of finance, and additionally, a quiz of this format encourages mutual cooperation and teamwork through which the whole class can actively participate in giving answers.

Positive feedback from mentors is an incentive for us to develop new activities that will contribute to a high level of involvement of young people in the field of financial literacy.

Quiz results

Quiz results

65 schools and almost 1,000 students participated in the PBZnalci financial literacy quiz

We are glad that 940 students and 65 schools from as many as 27 cities in Croatia participated in the quiz. We would like to thank all the schools, students and their mentors for their participation and we hope that they had a good time in addition to gaining new knowledge about finance.

Along with congratulations to the best PBZnalists who won the first three places, we also congratulate all other participants on their great success. You can find the link to the total results of the quiz at the link.

The PBZnalci quiz is one of a series of initiatives with which Privredna banka Zagreb marked this year's European and World Money Week.

If you need any additional information, we are at your disposal. Contact us at csr@pbz.hr.

"Kahoot!" International Prize Quiz "Money Master Challenge"

An initiative for primary schools

                                 money master



 "Money Master Challenge" is an initiative intended for 7th and 8th grade students, and the subject of the quiz is interesting things related to money and savings. It is an initiative of Intesa Sanpaolo implemented by Privredna banka Zagreb in cooperation with the Museum of Savings in Turin, as part of a project to improve the financial literacy of young people, on the occasion of marking the European and World Money Week

Quiz results

Quiz results

Class 7.c from Elementary School Ernestinovo won on Kahoot at the national competition

On March 15, the first stage of the "Kahoot!" international prize quiz "Money Master Challenge" was successfully held. 115 students participated in the national competition, and the 7th grade students from Ernestinovo Primary School won. The topic of the quiz was interesting things related to money and savings, and the competition was fun, tense and uncertain until the very end.

Competition description

Competition description

The competition will be held on the "Kahoot!" platform in two stages (qualifications and final stage). The first stage of the competition is a quiz between registered schools in Croatia, which will be held on March 15, and the winning class becomes the national champion and enters the second round of the international competition, which will be held on March 23. We will announce the exact time of the quiz after receiving applications.

Aplication process

Aplication process

Each class/teacher should send an application to the address csr@pbz.hr by March 3 and provide the following information:

  • Name of the school
  • Class
  • Name and contact (e-mail) of the teacher
  • Number of students participating in the quiz
  • City

After registration, each class/teacher will receive by e-mail instructions on creating alphanumeric codes for each individual student and/or team, as well as a link and instructions for joining the online event.

What is required for participation?

What is required for participation?

  • A device connected to the Internet (mobile phone, laptop, computer, tablet) for each participant and/or team
  • Good internet connection
  • A screen connected to a computer to monitor events online

To protect privacy, students will participate in the game using an alphanumeric code that teachers can associate with an individual student

KAHOOT! – method of application

Participants will connect their device to www.kahoot.it and wait for the PIN that will be sent to them by the quiz leader (PBZ representative)
After entering the PIN, participants will be asked to enter a nickname that should correspond to an alphanumeric code that will be forwarded to the schools by PBZ representatives during the registration phase
Kahoot will automatically define a score based on the accuracy and speed of the answers

The class that wins the qualifiers as well as the international competition will be awarded.

Educational brochure "Household budget and savings"

If you have started earning or receiving a scholarship, do you know which account to open and what is the difference between a current and giro account? The brochure "Household budget and savings" will give you answers to these and many other questions. At the same time, it shows basic steps and financial concepts related to the household budget and savings in a simple way.


Contest "Zanimanja budućnosti"

As part of the international initiative of Intesa Sanpaolo and the Savings Museum in Turin - The Art of Saving, Privredna banka Zagreb continues with numerous activities for primary schools on the occasion of World Savings Day, which is celebrated on October 31.

On our YouTube channel, teachers, professors and class teachers can watch the video workshop for lower grades "The price of our dreams", and for upper grade students there is a webinar "What do I need to know about the digital world?". Classes can also participate in the prize competition "Occupations of the future", and creatively present their vision of future occupations and win various prizes.

Results of the concourse

Results of the concourse

23 schools and as many as 439 students participated in the competition, and they presented their visions of future occupations in a creative way. A handful of cheerful children's works were received, and the three best works were selected in the category of lower and upper grades of primary schools.

Contest winners


Pobjednički radovi od 1. do 4. razreda osnovne škole

  1. OŠ Remete, 2a razred, Zagreb
  2. OŠ Blaž Tadijanović, 4b razred, Slavonski Brod
  3. OŠ Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, 4a razred, Ogulin

Winning works from 1st to 4th grade of elementary school

  1. OŠ Bogumila Tonija, 6f razred, Samobor
  2. OŠ Bartula Kašića, 6b razred, Zadar
  3. OŠ Ivana Gorana Kovačića, 5c razred, Sv. Juraj na Bregu
Childrens perspective

Childrens perspective

"When I grow up, I want to be an explorer who will discover all the wonders of the universe. I will be the first man to reach the black hole."

"I will be an inventor in the future. I will invent smart dogs and smart cars and robots. Robots will do everything for you, and dogs will be good and quiet."

"In 27 years, I want to be a hairdresser and I hope that my wish will come true. I want to have my own hairdressing salon where everyone can get their hair done. The salon will be called Naomis Beauty Star. There will be a robot in my salon and when someone comes, they will imagine a hairstyle and the robot will do it."

"My job will be a space scientist. "

The art of saving


As part of the international initiative of Intesa Sanpaolo and the Savings Museum in Turin "The Art of Saving", which was launched in 2017, Privredna banka Zagreb launched an initiative in which it conducts educational workshops with the aim of increasing the financial literacy of school-aged children.

The workshops are led by a team of 50 volunteer employees of PBZ, who have so far held 210 workshops for children in more than 50 primary and secondary schools in twenty cities ahead of the celebration of International Savings Day and European Money Week.

Workshops called "Children and savings" and "You decide" are held for primary schools, and from 2018, workshops called "Financial advisor" are also held in secondary schools.

In addition, as part of the financial literacy project for primary and secondary school students, the education "Safety on the Internet" and a round table on the topic of digital banking were organized.

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