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Our PBZ Forest initiative continues


On the occasion of the Earth Day, in cooperation with the O2 Project, we organized our second drone afforestation campaign in the municipality of Promina.

"PBZ forest" started as a little green story last year, and this year it got its sequel. Over the course of two years, we have successfully afforested 20,000 m2 of hard-to-reach burned areas, and see what the action itself looked like in the video:


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projects and initiatives

The first PBZ forest...

because every tradition has its beginning


The fact is that the environment requires our attention and immediate intervention due to climate change. Therefore, we wanted to do something about this important issue beyond narrow business activities; we wanted to contribute directly to the community and involve our employees in new activities.

In O2 Project, we recognized an innovative solution and in cooperation with them, as the first step, we organized a webinar and distributed seedlings to our colleagues, and continued with the preparation of the first afforestation campaign by drone in the Municipality of Promina.

“PBZ Forest”, as we called the initiative, began as a small green story but eventually the word has got around and many became interested in joining us. Therefore, since the drone does most of the work in afforestation, we extended the initiative to manual tree planting in the newly built kindergarten Suknovci, with a yard lacking greenery. Our colleagues, with the help of students and preschoolers from the local community, took over manual planting.

The drone mapped, flew over and dropped 5,000 packages of self-seeding plants, the so-called seed bombs, all over the 10,000 square feet of that scorched terrain.

The initiative was realized on Friday, October 22nd. Five kilometres away is a spacious and difficult to access terrain that burned down a few years ago. The drone mapped, flew over and dropped 5,000 packages of self-seeding plants, the so-called seed bombs, all over the 10,000 square feet of that scorched terrain. This is where PBZ forest will be growing, as an example of a concrete action that does not provide a quick win, its fruits will only be visible in a few years, and whose sole purpose is to mitigate the effects of climate change. With such initiatives, we can indeed speak with pride about social responsibility.

To be continued…


What makes PBZ forest different?

  • Applies innovative technology. Drone afforestation allows the planting of 5,000 seed packages in a fairly short time on inaccessible and burned terrain. If we wanted to achieve the same effect by manual planting, the required human and time resources would be multiply higher.


  • Does not endanger biodiversity. It is important to us that our green initiative, which will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, at the same time does not damage the biodiversity of the site. Seeds used in self-seeding packages, made from a mixture of different proportions of clay, sand and substrates, are exclusively from indigenous tree species specific for the area being afforested.


  • Relies solely on its own resources.

We had a great time, see in the video….

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