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Činim dobro svaki dan

Procjets and initiatives


Humanitarian Project


The PBZ Group project "Činim dobro svaki dan" started in 2008, and from the very beginning of this project, the Group raised funds from the project of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia called "Monitoring children with neurorisk". In 2014, the project was expanded and since then it has supported the project "For a better life for children in social care homes" of the Ministry of Labor, Family Pension System and Social Policy of the Republic of Croatia.

For the project I do good every day, PBZ Card also issued a special humanitarian card which raises funds for the project.

The amount of total funds raised for the project "Činim dobro svaki dan" changes and grows every day because for each transaction made with a humanitarian Visa card with a heart, regardless of the amount and point of sale, PBZ Group donates 1 kuna for the project. With the growth of the collected funds, the number of donations sent to social care homes and pediatric wards of hospitals throughout Croatia for the purchase of necessary equipment is also growing. So far, donations have been received by numerous hospitals and social care homes including all of our counties.

By September 2020, a total of 43 donations had been made under this project, including 30 donations to hospitals across the country for the purchase of medical equipment and 13 donations to social welfare institutions for the purchase of necessary equipment.

You too can get involved in this humanitarian project using your Visa card with a heart!

There are no initial mandatory fees for the Visa card with a heart in the first year and PBZ Card donates to the project "Činim dobro svaki dan" 15 kuna from each membership fee of basic members and 10 kuna from the membership fee of additional members from the second year of use. Other Premium Visa card users can help the project by donating their reward points. In addition to the above, donations are possible through the website www.cinimdobro.hr for all Mastercard, Maestro and Visa cardholders, regardless of the issuing bank.

More information about the project I do good every day and the current status of funds raised and donations can be found on the project website www.cinimdobro.hr


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