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Deposit secured loan

When you need cash and you have a deposit you would like to keep

This is why you’ll like it


Take out a loan in HRK, EUR or USD, depending on the deposit currency

Repayment terms

3 to 60 months

Additional benefits

Take advantage of premature repayment

Take out a deposit secured loan
Take out a deposit secured loan
  • With the possibility of early repayment
  • Optional premature repayment of loan
  • The loan amount is up to 95% of the fixed-term deposit and maximum EUR/USD 1,500 in the HRK counter value, i.e. HRK 10,000
  • Loan repayment term up to 60 months
Loan users

Loan users

Physical persons (residents), owners of non-purpose fixed-term loans in HRK, EUR or USD with a term at least equal to the loan repayment term. The loan can also be granted if the loan user does not own a fixed-term deposit in the Bank with the proviso of an institution of a lien on fixed-term deposit owned by another individual who will co-sign the loan agreement as lien debtor.

Loan amount

Loan amount

The loan is granted up to the amount of 95% of the fixed-term deposit, with the minimum amount of EUR or USD 1,500 in the HRK counter value under the CNB middle exchange rate on the day of use of the loan, or HRK 10,000.00.

Credit period and manner of repayment

Credit period and manner of repayment

Repayment period

  • 3 to 60 months

Manner of repayment

A one-off in-payment of the entire principal amount or multiple in-payments of the principal at the latest on the last day of maturity.

The interest is calculated and paid monthly on the last day of the month.

Users of the PBZ365@net service can also take advantage of principal repayment using Internet banking.

Method of loan use

Method of loan use

  • A transfer into the User’s transaction account at the Bank or another bank in full or multiple payments up to the maximum granted loan amount.
  • Users of PBZ365@net Internet banking can also use the load granted at a Bank branch office via the Internet banking, transfer into the Bank account up to the maximum granted loan amount.
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