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PBZ Invest

Investments in funds.

PBZ Invest d.o.o. changed its name to Eurizon Asset Management Croatia d.o.o.

PBZ Invest Ltd. on 29/11/2021 changed its name to Eurizon Asset Management Croatia Ltd., as well as the names of the funds under its management.

The change will have no impact on your existing contractual relationship with the Company, including your contractual rights and obligations, which remain unchanged. There is no need to conclude new contracts, nor are you required to take any further actions. 

The Company and Privredna banka Zagreb are part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group. Privredna banka Zagreb will remain, by means of its sales network, the most important distributor of investment funds that the Company manages.

More information at: https://eurizonam.hr/, or at https://www.pbz.hr/gradjani/eurizon-asset-management-croatia.html

Investment fund

Our investment funds are a specific type of investing funds, wherein the investor chooses the funds whose investment goals are in accordance with the investor’s investment goals, depending on their financial goals, the duration of the investment and the potential yield or risk. Find out more

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