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PBZ Group's Donation to the Center Zagreb-Dugave

With the fiftieth donation within the project "Doing good Every Day", PBZ Group provided aid to the Zagreb-Dugave Community Service Centre

Zagreb, October 7, 2020 – With this donation in the amount of HRK 310,148.75 to the Zagreb-Dugave Community Service Centre, the PBZ Group, a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, realized the fiftieth donation within the project "Doing Good Every Day". Thanks to this donation, the Centre was able to arrange and equip an outdoor training ground and perform carpentry work, which greatly contributed to improving the living conditions of its beneficiaries.
“This is the fiftieth donation we have made as s part of our long-standing humanitarian project "Doing Good Every Day" intended for children and young people, and we are happy that through it we helped the Zagreb-Dugave Community Service Centre to arrange and equip a new training ground and perform the necessary carpentry work in the premises to accommodate its beneficiaries. We hope that with this donation we have contributed to the creation of better working conditions, especially extracurricular activities, and generally improved the quality of everyday life of the beneficiaries of this Centre. As many as fifty donations within our project "Doing Good Every Day", which included numerous centres for children and youth, paediatric wards and children's hospitals across our country, confirm our continued commitment and commitment to helping the community in which we operate and its members“, said Mislav Blažić, the President of the Management Board of PBZ Card.

For many years, Zagreb-Dugave Community Service Centre has been providing social care services outside  own family in several locations to meet the social protection needs of children and youth who exhibit behavioural problems. The centre provides accommodation, stay, temporary accommodation, organized housing, full-day and half-day stay and numerous other services, taking care of four hundred of its users every day. 

"With the donation of the PBZ Group, we managed to realize a long-standing wish and plan for improving and arranging the environment of our Centre so that it has as much content as possible that could be used by our customers through various organized leisure activities. With the donation of the PBZ Group, we arranged the landscape on more than 200 m2 and built a training ground with an anti-stress surface, six exercise equipment and three benches, targeted for the needs of our beneficiaries. The beneficiaries from different departments use the gym every day and are extremely happy and satisfied that something like this exists within our Centre, and it will significantly contribute to better and more successful socialization of our children. We also invested part of the funds from the donation in the dislocated accommodation department and replaced the dilapidated carpentry in the attic of the Centre, which will greatly contribute to improving the living conditions of our children. I would like to thank the PBZ Group and the relevant Ministry of Labor, Pension System, Family and Social Policy for their cooperation and support in the implementation of this donation", said Božo Vrkljan, director of the Zagreb-Dugave Community Service Centre. 

The donation to the Zagreb-Dugave Community Service Centre is a part of the socially responsible business project of the PBZ Group, a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, which the PBZ Group has been implementing for more than twelve years under the name "Doing Good Every Day". Based on the funds gathered for this Project, the Group supports national, long-term projects for the well-being of children and young people: "Monitoring the Children Exposed to Neurological Risks” initiated by the Ministry of Health and “For a Better Life for Children in Social Care Homes” initiated by the Ministry of Labor, Pension System, Family and Social Policy and meets the actual needs of our community in a way that for every transaction made with Visa Card with a Heart it donates one Croatian Kuna, without additional cost for its users. For the project "Doing Good Every Day”, PBZ Group has so far raised more than HRK 21 million and made a total of 50 donations to hospitals and social care centres across Croatia. More information on the project’s results may be found at www.cinimdobro.hr.

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