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PBZ Group donated Lug Centre

The Lug Education Centre celebrated its day by opening a street workout park built and equipped thanks to a donation from the PBZ Group

Lug Samoborski, October 10, 2023 – The Education Centre celebrated its day by opening a street workout park built and equipped thanks to a donation from the PBZ Group This donation amounting to EUR 25,610.00 was granted by PBZ group, a member of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, within its humanitarian project „Doing Good Every Day“ and Visa Card with a Heart, through which it supports projects for the benefit of children and young people across the country. In order to ensure a better future and achieve positive changes in our community, as part of this project alone, the Group has donated EUR 4.4 million and granted 74 donations to the paediatric departments and children's homes throughout Croatia.

„I am glad that within our humanitarian project Doing Good Every Day & Visa Card with a Heart we have helped the Lug Education Centre by donating funds enabling the construction of a street workout park. We have established a successful cooperation with the Lug Centre, and we have already donated, also through this project, the funds to equip training grounds, various workshops and classrooms. I hope that a new street workout park will brighten up the everyday moments of the Centre's beneficiaries, improve the quality of their lives and enrich their free time with new activities", said Ana Kovač, Executive Director of Client satisfaction management and Premium Concierge Services of PBZ Card. 

"In accordance with the intervention needs of our children, we see an exceptional need to direct physical activities through exercise with the need to reduce the tendency to aggressiveness, frustration, depression and anxiety and facilitate functioning in different areas of life. Therefore, I thank the PBZ group for this donation and for supporting our activities in order to make the rehabilitation of our beneficiaries as high-quality as possible and encourage them to develop their unique potential", said Nataša Grković Šola, Director of the Lug Education centre. 

The Lug Education centre implements high school education and professional training programs for young people with intellectual disabilities aged 14 to 21 who are educated under a special program for auxiliary occupations. The Centre's activities cover the rehabilitation of children and young people, enhanced care and supervision, resocialization, reintegration into the community and the provision of psychosocial services. The Centre organizes early development support for the youngest beneficiaries through therapeutic treatments by a team of experts and a half-day stay service for older beneficiaries.
Donation to the Education Centre Lug is a part of the socially responsible business project of PBZ Group, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group member, which the Group has been implementing for fifteen years under the name "Doing Good Every Day". With the funds allocated for this project, the PBZ Group supports national, long-term projects for the benefit of children and young people: "For a better life of children in social care homes" of the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy and the projects "With a heart for children with malignant diseases" and “Let's help those suffering from rare diseases" of the Ministry of Health, setting aside ten cents for each transaction made with a Visa card with a heart, at no additional cost to card users. The Group has, so far, raised EUR 4.4 million and, including the latest one, has granted a total of 74 donations, including hospitals and social care homes throughout Croatia. More information on the project's achievements can be found at www.cinimdobro.hr.


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