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HRK 400,000 donation to the Pula General Hospital

The PBZ Group has so far donated HRK 4.9 million to hospitals to provide help in countering the pandemic and recovery from the earthquake in Zagreb

Zagreb/Pula, 17 April 2020 - Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ), a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, continues to make donations to healthcare institutions to help counter the COVID-19 pandemic.
After a recent donation of a total of HRK 4.5 million to hospitals, PBZ donated an additional HRK 400,000 to the Pula General Hospital. 
"This donation to the Pula General Hospital, as well as all our previous donations, are a part of the effort made by our Bank and the entire Intesa Sanpaolo Group, during these extraordinary circumstances, to help healthcare institutions and the wider community where we operate to counter the COVID-19 pandemic and treat affected citizens," said Dinko Lucić, President of the Management Board of Privredna banka Zagreb. 
Moreover, it should be emphasised that the Bank has established long-term business cooperation with Istria County, the founder of the Pula General Hospital.
"We would like to thank Privredna banka Zagreb,  which has openly accepted our proposal to direct this valuable donation to the Pula General Hospital, which, during this unusual period of time affecting us all, has considerable needs," said Fabrizio Radin, County Prefect Deputy acting as county prefect of Istria County. 

"I would like to thank the Bank and the County for recognising the needs and for this donation, which, at this moment, is very important to us and will most assuredly be of great help in the daily care for our patients," said doc. dr. sc. Irena Hrstić, dr. med, director of the Pula General Hospital.  
In line with this, we should also mention the unique humanitarian project of the PBZ Group, "Doing Good Every Day", which has been used to help the community for over ten years now. The project was initiated by the Group in 2008 to provide continuous and long-term help for the community, setting aside one kuna for each transaction made with a Visa Card with a Heart without additional cost to the card users. The PBZ Group has gathered over HRK 19 million for the project "Doing Good Every Day" and has made 48 donations to hospitals and social care homes across Croatia. More information on the achievements facilitated by the project can be found at www.cinimdobro.hr

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