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PBZ's Donation to the Zajezda Education Centre

Budinščina/Zagreb, February 22, 2024 – The Zajezda Education Centre received a donation in the amount of € 29,012.50 with which it has built and equipped a children's playground. This is the 81st donation granted by PBZ group, a member of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, within its humanitarian project „Doing Good Every Day“ and Visa Card with a Heart, through which it supports projects for the benefit of children and young people. In order to ensure a better future and achieve positive changes in our community, as a part of this project alone, the PBZ Group has donated EUR 4.5 million so fat and granted various donations to the paediatric departments and children's homes throughout Croatia. Branimir Čosić, regional director at Privredna banka Zagreb, presented the donation on behalf of the PBZ group. 

"I am happy that our donation - a new children's playground - will brighten up free time and play for the children of the Zajezda Education Centre. Our project "Doing Good Every Day" is of national character, through it we help children and young people all over Croatia, we equip paediatric departments, children's hospitals and social care homes all over our country. It also has a very important local component, since we contribute to the local community with it. That is why I am glad that today we are in Zajezda, Budinščina municipality, and that through this project we can do a good thing for the betterment of the children and young people of this region – specifically the beneficiaries of the Zajezda Education Centre,“ said Branimir Čosić, regional director at Privredna banka Zagreb, presented the donation on behalf of the PBZ Group. 

The Education Centre Zajezda is an institution that has been operating continuously for 70 years and provides upbringing and education services according to a special program for children and young people from 7 to 21 years of age with intellectual and mental disabilities, as well as accommodation services for children without adequate parental care who attend school according to the regular program with adaptation of the content. In addition, the Centre provides a half-day stay and psychosocial support. There are currently 55 beneficiaries staying at the Centre.

"The PBZ Group's donation, which enabled the construction of a children's playground, will greatly contribute to improving the quality of life of the beneficiaries. Since a large number of them rarely or never go home, all the facilities they need for normal life and development should be located within our Centre and this is a significant step in that direction“, said Denis Sušac, the Principal of the Education Centre Zajezda.   
The Donation to the Zajezda Education Centre is a part of the socially responsible business project of PBZ Group, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group member, which the Group has been implementing for more than fifteen years under the name "Doing Good Every Day". With the funds allocated for this project, the PBZ Group supports national, long-term projects for the benefit of children and young people: "For a better life of children in social care homes" of the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy and the projects "With a heart for children with malignant diseases" and “Let's help those suffering from rare diseases" of the Ministry of Health, setting aside ten cents for each transaction made with a Visa card with a heart, at no additional cost to card users. The Group has, so far, raised EUR 4.5 million and, including the latest one, has granted a total of 81 donations, including hospitals and social care homes throughout Croatia. More information on the project's achievements can be found at www.cinimdobro.hr.

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