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PBZ measures to assist clients

PBZ measures to assist clients affected by the COVID-19 pandemic



In order to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, PBZ will enable the deferral of payment for all loan users who have experienced a deterioration of their financial situation or total revenue loss. This measure includes the deferred repayment of the loan principal and corresponding interests for loans with regular repayment, for a period of three months with an optional three-month extension.

Since social distancing and client safety are extremely important in these circumstances, the Bank has ensured that the applications for deferred repayment can be submitted through remote means of communication. 

Loan users can submit the application in a few easy steps at www.pbz.hr.


The Bank will, depending on the recommendations of the competent national authorities, ensure the submission of the applications in branch offices as well.


The applications for deferred payment can be sent in the period between 15 April and 31 May 2020. 

We recommend to loan users who will submit an application for the measure to prepare documentation proving the deterioration of their financial situation due to the pandemic (e.g. a decision on work contract termination, a certificate issued by the employer on the reduction of income, etc.) in advance so as to enable faster application approval.

Apart from the deferred loan payment, the Bank has enabled users to overdraft their current accounts by retaining the existing overdraft amounts regardless of income change. Clients will be informed of the overdraft amount through their regular monthly statements in the subsequent period.

We recommend that loan users who have not experienced a deterioration of their financial position and who have regular revenue continue to fulfil their financial liabilities based on the agreements and repayment plans.

Please visit the Bank's website for all new information.

Protection of people comes first!




PBZ has enabled the online submission of Applications for moratorium on credit obligations for legal entities and craftsmen

Privredna banka Zagreb issued the first financial measures package in order to provide help for the business of legal entities and craftsmen affected by the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic (Measure 1 - moratorium). 

Privredna banka Zagreb implemented Measure 1 for business entities and craftsmen with the possibility of the deferred payment of credit obligations (interest and principal) for a period of three and six months, depending on the type of product.

During the credit obligations moratorium, the interest is calculated but not charged. Calculated interest is due as a one-off payment after the end of the moratorium period. The contracted interest rate remains the same. The Bank charges no fee for processing moratorium applications.


At the moment, the protection of our clients and employees is very important to us, so the moratorium application process is entirely supported by online communication channels (https://www.pbz.hr/srednji-poduzetnici/odgoda-placanja-kredita.html)


Clients will soon be informed about other measures.

For all additional measures, clients can contact their client relations manager, visit the Bank's website, call the free telephone number 0800 729 266 or send an email to: com@pbz.hr.


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