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PBZ Group donated a modern ultrasound device

More than 4 million Euro were donated to provide aid to children and young people

Našice/Zagreb, February 23, 2023 – PBZ Group, part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group has, as a part of its humanitarian project „Doing Good Every Day“ and Visa Card with a Heart realised its 68th donation. The representatives of Privredna banka Zagreb and PBZ Card: Ivan Krolo, Vilijana Belas, Andrej Bilić and Mladenka Dubravac, presented to the Našice General County Hospital the donation amounting to € 65,996.42 which has enabled the purchase of a modern ultrasound device for the Department of Paediatrics. This is equipment necessary for the most successful treatment and rehabilitation of children exposed to neurological risks. The donation was made in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and is part of the support for the project "Monitoring children exposed to neurological risks", as a part of which PBZ Group has made 37 donations to pediatric departments and children's hospitals throughout Croatia, thus enabling the purchase of medical devices for the treatment of small patients.
„We would like to thank you for this extremely valuable donation to the Department of Paediatrics of the General County Hospital Našice. With this gesture of yours, you have made higher quality health care available to the large number of children gravitating to our institution. With the donated modern, high-quality ultrasound device, you have enabled timely triage and diagnosis of diseases and conditions, and therefore treatment. I would like to thank the PBZ Group on behalf of the Department of Paediatrics, all the employees of the General County Hospital Našice, our little patients and their parents“, said  Head of the Department of Paediatrics at the Našice General County Hospital, Gabrijela Rendulić Wolf, MD,  Specialist in Paediatrics.

"We are particularly proud of our project "Doing Good Every Day", which is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary this year. Due to its longevity, perseverance and dedication to helping the community, this project is unique on our market, which also confirms that the users of the Visa card with the heart, its partners and friends, and the Croatian public recognized the value of this project. The smiles with which we are rewarded by children and young people and the employees of hospitals and children's homes, for whom the donations are intended, are the biggest incentive for us to promote the project "Doing Good Every Day" in the future, helping those who need our help the most. I am glad that we have also helped the General County Hospital of Našice by donating a modern ultrasound device that will enable better diagnosis and treatment of small patients from Našice“, said, upon presenting the donation, Vilijana Belas, Executive Director of Public Relations and Marketing of Privredna banka Zagreb.   
The donation to the Našice County General Hospital is part of the socially responsible business project of the PBZ Group, a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, which the Group has been implementing for fifteen years under the name "Doing Good Every Day." Through this project, PBZ Group supports national, long-term projects for the benefit of children and young people and other people in need launched by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy, setting aside, for each 
transaction made by Visa card with a heart , 10 cents, at no additional cost to card users. So far, PBZ Group has set aside more than € 4 million for the project “Doing Good Every Day” and realised 68 donation, including hospitals and social care homes throughout Croatia. More information on the project's achievements can be found at www.cinimdobro.hr.

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