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The Art of Saving

PBZ presents a range of activities on the occasion of marking the Global and European Money Week

Zagreb, 18 March 2022 - Within the international initiative of Intesa Sanpaolo and the Museum of Saving in Turin – the Art of Saving, Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. (PBZ), a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, on the occasion of the Global and European Money Week (from 21 to 27 March), is continuing numerous activities for schools.
Since no workshops could take place in schools in the past two years, we have developed new initiatives with the goal of the high-level inclusion of young people and informing them about financial literacy. This year, PBZ, in cooperation with the Kviz udruga Šibenik (Šibenik Quiz Association), has prepared an entertaining educational quiz with awards for high schoolers to help them promote their financial skills. This online quiz will take place on 24 March and classes from all over Croatia can sign up to participate. It is important that the application be filled in by a mentor or homeroom teacher, while the winners of the quiz will be announced on 25 March. 
Aside from the high schoolers, there is an educational video on the PBZ YouTube channel about saving, ‘The Price of Our Dreams’, that is available constantly. The video is intended for children aged 6 to 10 years, lasts for 8 minutes and with its interactive approach, it envisages that the topic will be covered for a full school hour so that the children are able to complete the tasks suggested in the video. The workshop is about wishes, needs and possibilities presented in an interesting manner adapted to children and has been created to assist professors in presenting this topic to pupils. 
In addition, in cooperation with the HGK (Croatian Chamber of Economy), we will hold four workshops for high schoolers on banking terms and financial management, while for the students of the Visoko učilište Algebra (Algebra University College), there will be an ESG education to present the topic of sustainable financing. We will also educate our youngest ones, from the ‘Čigra’ kindergarten, through the ‘Kids and Savings“ workshop.  

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