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PBZ Group donated to the Children's Home Sv. Ana

PBZ Group donated to the Children's Home Sv. Ana Vinkovci polyvalent playground for a better upbringing and play of its users

Zagreb, October 6, 2021 – As a part of its project "Doing Good Every Day", PBZ Group, a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, continues to provide aid to children and young people throughout Croatia, which is confirmed by its latest donation to the Children's Home Sv. Ana Vinkovci.  The donation in the amount of HRK 349,932.06 to the Children's Home Sv. Ana Vinkovci was presented by Mladenka Dubravac, Chief Public Relations Coordinator of PBZ Card and Dario Klarić, Director, PBZ Centre for SME Business. Thanks to this donation, the Children's Home Sv. Ana Vinkovci has built and equipped a multi-purpose playground, which will enable its users to grow and develop better, and beautify everyday moments, play and growing up.  

"Thanks to the Project "Doing Good Every Day", in cooperation with our competent Ministry, we got a new polyvalent playground in the yard of the Home, where children of all ages can find challenging content. In addition to slides and swings that are interesting and safe for younger children to play, street workout devices have been set up and these are especially attractive to high school students.  By arranging the polyvalent playground, the PBZ Group not only made the children happy, but in this way invested in the overall development of our children. Movement and play favour the development and improvement of a range of motor skills such as strength, speed, coordination, endurance, mobility and precision, and in addition to physical development and health, outdoor movement and play affect the development of thinking, attention, self-confidence and development in general. communication skills. We thank the PBZ Group, our Ministry and all those who participated in the realization of this very valuable donation for us", said Zrinka Mikić, Principal of the Children's Home Sv.  Ana Vinkovci.

Children's home Sv. Ana Vinkovci provides social services to children without parents or without adequate parental care and to primary and foster families. Currently, the headquarters of the Home accommodate 37 users, and the Home provides a total of services for fifty users, including children from half-day stays and independent housing communities. 

Donation to the Children's Home Sv. Ana Vinkovci is a part of the socially responsible business project of PBZ Group, a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, which the Group has been implementing for thirteen years under the name "Doing Good Every Day". With the funds allocated for this project, the Group supports national, long-term projects for the benefit of children and young people: "Monitoring of Children Exposed to Neurorisks" of the Ministry of Health and "For a Better Life of Children in Social Care Homes" of the Ministry of Labour, Pension Fund, Family and Social Policy and responds to the needs of the Company, by allocating one HRK for each transaction made with a Visa Heart Card, at no additional cost to cardholders.  The Group has, so far, raised more than HRK 25 million and, including the latest one, has granted a total of 58 donations, including hospitals and social care homes throughout Croatia.  More information on the project's achievements can be found at www.cinimdobro.hr.

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