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It`s time for sharing time

We are remodeling our branch offices to help you feel more comfortable.

A new generation of branch offices


Personal counselling and digitalisation


Advanced digital solutions


The branch office concept takes on a new meaning

New concept

We are remodeling our branch offices so that we can provide an even higher quality service in a pleasant atmosphere.

Apart from performing banking services, our branch offices are becoming places for various events, meetings and the exchange of ideas.

Come in and start living some valuable moments with us.

What makes the new branch offices special?

We have created a completely new concept for you for a new experience in the bank. A new business approach to the banking business allows the branch offices to become a joint space where we can organise various events, socialise, exchange ideas and share moments together.

Visit us in our newly decorated branch offices, where you will be greeted by an employee directing you to the fastest and easiest solution for your needs. Moreover, you can perform specific transactions on your own in the self-service zones.

For services which require counselling, e.g. housing loans, investments, etc., a separate space is available for your maximum discretion.

Do you need help?

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