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Children soccer camp 2023

Italia Soccer camp from 3rd until 7th of July 2023

Unique opportunity


Great opportunity to master skills and secrets of the game


working with the best Italian coaches


3 best participantes will go to Italy

press release

Italia Soccer camp again in 2023 !

A press conference held to introduce the Italia Soccer Camp 2023.

Italia Soccer Camp 2023 is finalized

This year's Italia Soccer Camp, which is sponsored by PBZ and Generali osiguranje, closed after the last training session with the ceremonial announcement of the best of the groups. Three players are going to Italy for the Italian Football Day, which they will attend with children from other countries. See how it looked on the ZAGREBello field in the video below.

PBZ Soccer camp

As we look forward to the start of the new camp, check out the video from previous year’s.

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