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PBZ Group’s humanitarian project “When Hearts Sing

Donations were awarded in the total amount of EUR 315,000 for a better future for children and young people

Zagreb, 29 May 2024 – Last night, a ceremonial event for the humanitarian project of the PBZ Group, part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, called “When Hearts Sing” was held at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall. The PBZ Group, together with representatives of the Health Ministry and the Ministry of Labour and Pension System, Family and Social Policy, hospital directors, heads of clinics and paediatric departments, directors of care homes, clients, business partners and Premium Visa card holders, as well as other distinguished guests, presented a new donation cycle with a total value of EUR 315,000.

The new donation cycle is part of the “Doing Good Every Day” project and Visa Card with a Heart, through which the PBZ group has been supporting national projects providing better health and social care for children and young people for 16 years in a row.

“I am glad that again this year, we continue our tradition of organising special events for our clients and Premium Visa card holders with an emphasis on the humanitarian aspect of one of the longest-running humanitarian projects in the country, “Doing Good Every Day”.  Our aim was to combine three important components – humanity, music and sport, and in that spirit mark a new donation cycle of this unique project, of which we are extremely proud. We called it “Doing Good Every Day” because we wanted to emphasise the continuous care and support of the community in which we operate as our long-term strategy, and which also makes this project unique both in our market and in others. We are truly an example of exceptional practice in that sense. The project achievements are proof of that – in its 16 years of continuous existence, we have donated about 5 million euros so far to the project fund “Doing Good Every Day” and, including today's donations, we have awarded a total of 88 donations to children’s and youth homes, paediatric departments and children's hospitals.  As a large financial group, we are aware of our significant impact on the social and environmental context in which we operate. We want to build the future by encouraging sustainable development for the benefit of the environment, young people and an inclusive society. With this donation, we have once again confirmed that we are the leading donor among the financial institutions in this country, said Dinko Lucić, President of the Management Board of Privredna banka Zagreb and President of the Supervisory Board of PBZ Card. 
At the event, the Community Service Centre Zagreb (Centar za pružanje usluga u zajednici  Zagreb) received a donation of EUR 45,000 as part of the project “For a better life in children’s homes” for setting up a playground and swimming pool with accompanying equipment, which will give the children the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a safe and fun environment. The Maestral Community Service Centre (Centar za pružanje usluga za zajednici Maestral) from Split received a donation in the amount of EUR 50,000 for the purchase of an electric vehicle as part of the “Helping Children, Helping the Earth” project. This valuable donation will provide the Centre with safe and environmentally friendly transportation, contributing to the preservation of the planet and creating a better future for everyone. As part of the project “Helping Those Suffering from Rare Diseases”, the Zagreb Clinical Hospital Centre received a donation in the amount of EUR 60,000 for the purchase of a digital EMNG device and volumetric pumps, while the Dr Josip Benčević General Hospital from Slavonski Brod received EUR 50,000 for the purchase of an EEG device. As part of the “Heart for Children with Malignant Diseases” project, the Osijek Clinical Hospital Centre received a donation in the amount of EUR 60,000 for the purchase of ultrasonic nebulizers, children's beds for the intensive care unit, adjustable and electric beds, 24-hour pH impedance meters and other medical equipment. The Sisters of Mercy Clinical Hospital Centre and the ZORA Foundation received a donation in the amount of EUR 50,000 for the purchase of medical equipment that will enable the implementation of the project “Introduction of Cell Immunotherapy for Tumours in Croatia”.   

We are especially pleased and honoured that the ceremony for the new donation cycle was attended by the head coach of Croatian national football team Zlatko Dalić, who, together with Luka Modrić, is a long-term brand ambassador of the PBZ Group and Premium Visa card. 

After the donation ceremony, a special musical programme followed, with performers including Tatjana Matejaš Cameron – Tajči, Baby Lasagna, Nina Kraljić, Vinko Ćemeraš and Martin Kosovec accompanied by Ante Gela and orchestra.

As part of the program, an exhibition of pop-art works by Sonja Marjanović was organized, and for this occasion, the painter specially created pop-art visuals with the image of Zlatko Dalić and Luka Modrić, which Dinko Lucić, the President of the PBZ Management Board, presented to the musical guests, Baby Lasagna and Tatjana Matejaš-Tajči, as a special surprise of the evening.

The “Doing Good Every Day” project and Card with a Heart were launched in 2008, created with the aim of long-term, continuous support for the community in which the PBZ Group operates. The Visa Card with a Heart is a special card that, in addition to financial benefits, has a humanitarian character, unlike any other card in our market, through the ten cents that the PBZ Group allocates for each transaction performed with this card, at no additional cost to its users. With the funds collected, the PBZ Group supports projects of the Health Ministry and the Ministry of Labour and Pension System, Family and Social Policy for the welfare of children and young people, as well as other people in need. As part of this project, the PBZ Group has so far donated around 5 million euros and awarded 88 donations to paediatric departments and children's hospitals, as well as children’s and youth homes throughout Croatia.
More information on the achievements facilitated by the project can be found at www.cinimdobro.hr.

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