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Changes in branch banking hours

Changes in branch office working hours

Please note that Branch 212 Zadar will be closed for business on Saturday 22.08.2020. Regular operations will resume on Monday 24.08. according to new banking hours: Mon-Fri 8,00-15,00 , closed on Saturdays. 

Please be informed of the change in baking hours for branches 167 Koprivnica, 169 Varaždin II and 193 Varaždin :


Summer banking hours unntil 23.8.

Banking hours from 24.8.

Branch 167 Koprivnica

Mon, Wed, Fri 8,00-15,00
Tue, Thu 8,00-17,00
Sat closed

Mon, Wed, Fri 8,00-15,00
Tue, Thu 8,00-17,00
Sat closed

Branch 169 Varaždin II

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 8,00-15,00


Thu 8,00-17,00


Sat closed

Mon-Fri 8,00-19,00

(Desinfection break 13,00-14,00)
Sat 8,00-12,00

Branch 193 Varaždin

Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 8,00-15,00

Tue 8,00-17,00

Sat closed

Mon- Fri 8,00-19,00

(Desinfection break 13,00-14,00)

Sat 8,00-12,00


Please ne informed of temporaray banking hours for brnach  215 Pharos in period from 17. until 30.8.2020. 


Branch name

Regular banking hours

Temporary banking hours

from17. until 30.8.2020.

Branch 215 Pharos

Mon-Fri 8,00-15,00

Sat closed

Mon, Wed, Fri 8,00-15,00

Tue, Thu, Sat closed


Please be informed of new summer working hours (from 20.07 until 21.08.2020) for SME Sinergo desks: 





Velika Gorica

Wed 8,00 - 16,00

Sinergo desk INA / Sinergo Desk Radnička
Samobor        Mon, Wed 8,00 - 16,00 Sinergo desk Špansko

      CLOSED from 03.08. do 17.08.2020

Sinergo desk Špansko

In order to avoid waiting lines and to facilitate better time managment please book a meeting appointamnet at Sinergo desk by calling the number (0800 729 266) or sending an email (poduzeca.sastanci@pbz.hr).


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Notice for the users of safe deposit boxes in the Oktogon Branch Office

Due to the strong earthquake that hit Zagreb and the damage also sustained at our Oktogon Branch Office, access to the branch office premises and safe deposit boxes was temporarily unavailable for clients. We would like to inform you that the damage has mostly been removed and we are gradually enabling access to the safe deposit boxes, with previous announcements of clients at the contact addresses provided below, while the access to the branch office itself is still not possible until the effects of the earthquake are completely repaired.

Arrangement of the exact time of access to a safe deposit box in the Oktogon Branch Office can be made by sending an email at marija.culumovic@pbz.hr and slavica.vodanovic@pbz.hr or by calling 01/636-2565 , 01/636-2463  .

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