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Socially responsible investment and ESG

A concept that, in addition to financial criteria, is also based on ESG criteria with the aim of creating value for society as a whole and for investors.

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Respect for the environment and people, responsible use of resources

Socially responsible investment

Creating value for society as a whole and for the investor

Implementation of ESG practices

The key to ensuring sustainable business growth.

Sustainability and ESG

Respect for the environment and people, as well as the responsible use of natural resources and sustainability in general, are increasingly important issues in everyday life.
Even in the world of finance and investment, these concepts have begun to play a central role, to such an extent that today we can talk about sustainable finance.

The concept of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) is particularly relevant: it is an approach to investment that uses not only financial criteria but also ESG* criteria as a driver of choice.

Socially responsible investment aims to create value for the investor and for society as a whole through the implementation of a strategy focused on the environment, society and quality corporate governance.


* ESG stands for: “Environmental”, “Social”, “Governance”.

Socially responsible investment

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